Welcome to June with two holidays special to my heart…Flag Day and Father’s Day. My parents were married on Flag Day, and I fly our flag proudly to commemorate the symbolism of the flag. Father’s Day is a day to pay tribute—not only to our fathers—but, also men who have been father figures, and influential men in our lives. 

Many young fathers spend more time with their children every day, talking, playing, and teaching them than, perhaps, fathers of just one generation ago. It is a joy for me to watch my son and son-in-law interact with their children through games, reading to them, teaching them skills, adventures, and everyday care. A lovely quote by David Jeremiah may be appropriate for you and the girls, and young women in your family:
A girl’s father is the first man in her life, and probably the most influential.

Like many of you, my dad is long gone, and I miss him every day. We did so many things together and he was my role model of what a father can be. There is something incredibly special about the bond between a father and daughter. 

So, at this time of year, remember the special men in your life with time, chats, memories—all more personal than just material gifts. I know that in his later years, my dad wanted nothing more than a visit, chat, and a shared glass of wine!
June Luncheon
Our June luncheon will be a brunch at the Fiddlesticks Country Club on June 15. Social starts at 10:30 AM.
Happening in June…
The Encore calendar has many events to choose from in June. Be sure to read the details about events before registering and, if something is sold out, put yourself on the wait list. Below are some of the unique events in June.
It is hard to believe that 2023 is…almost half over! The Summer Solstice is June 21, the longest day of the year, and from that point on days begin to get shorter. I—for one—plan to enjoy the long bright evenings for as long as they last! 

Many thanks to the talented James Matiya for providing our banner photos!
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Estero Encore Club Mission and Implementation
The Estero Encore Club was established in 2010 for women who have completed 4 years as members of the Estero Newcomers Club. Our mission is to continue to provide opportunities to develop friendships, enjoy planned activities, learn more about our community, and offer ways to give back to that community.
Mission Implementation
The responsibility of the Estero Encore Club Board (EECB) is to support the sitting President and the other elected members of the Executive Board who all serve as members of the EECB. As part of that responsibility, the EECB  serves as ambassadors of the club. The EECB represents the total membership, and the EECB's function is to consider the suggestions of all members, by reaching a consensus when jointly making decisions based upon the Estero Encore Club’s mission statement and supporting the good of the entire organization.
Happening Next
Bridge—Experienced Players
Tuesday, May 30th
1pm to 4pm
Board Meeting
Thursday, June 1st
10am to 12pm
Yarn and Chat
Monday, June 5th
1pm to 3pm
Bridge—Experienced Players
Tuesday, June 6th
1pm to 4pm
Destination Dinner
Tuesday, June 6th
5:30pm to 7:30pm
Save the Date
Annual Tea Party
Jun 10th
Enjoy Encore's annual Tea Party.
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Club Address
Estero Encore Club
PO Box 627
Estero FL 33929
Sister Club—Estero Newcomers
*If you are not an Estero Encore Club member, but are looking for women's social opportunities, please know that our membership is limited to those who have moved up from our sister organization—Estero Newcomers Club. To learn more about them, click: Estero Newcomers Club.