Welcome to February—the month when many focus on Ground Hog Day, Valentines' Day, and heart health. I’m taking a different approach to focus on ways to apply our theme for 2023…opportunities for friendship, kindness, and generosity. There are 3 things related to this topic:
Spunky Old Broads Day and Month
Special Events in Encore
Encore Chorus
Spunky Old Broads Day and Month
The day falls on February 1 and is celebrated the entire month of February. Often referred to as SOB Day and Month. The term was developed by Dr. Gayle Carson in 2002. SOB celebrates women 50 years and older—who refuse to grow old quietly!
Keep calm and be crazy, laugh,
love and live it up because
              this is the oldest you’ve been and the youngest,
you’ll ever be again.
During this month show appreciation to the older women in our lives and, for those of us...most of us...who are the older women in others’ lives, SOB Day and Month gives us  an opportunity to shine in all of our glory…maybe a little quirky, beautiful, and authentic. To learn more, click, SOB Day & Month.

Here’s a little historybroad—is a dated word used to describe a woman in an informal way that came to be…how women were referred to in the 1930s. Ever hear that term in old movies? It is derived from the fact that one of the defining characteristics of a woman is her hips which are proportionately broader than the hips of a man.
Special Events in Encore
Want an opportunity to show friendship, kindness and generosity?
  • Pick one of the 35 possible special events shared by Anita Codey.
  • Find something that interests you and show your spunk by volunteering to…
  • Approach a venue, pick a date, write up a description, and send to Anita. After that…
  • Attend the event and make sure it runs smoothly.  
NO big commitment, but something special for our members.  
One and done on your part
extends your friendship and generosity of time to the club!
Encore Chorus
I recently sent you an e-mail regarding this opportunity for friendship, kindness and generosity. If you like to sing, please contact me.

We’d love to have you make beautiful music with us and...show your spunk!
Have a wonderful SOB Month!  
Live life to the fullest and…
don’t worry if it is age appropriate!

Many thanks to the talented James Matiya for providing our banner photos!
EEC Annual Scholarship Fund Donations
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Current Donations    $75
Estero Encore Club Mission and Implementation
The Estero Encore Club was established in 2010 for women who have completed 4 years as members of the Estero Newcomers Club. Our mission is to continue to provide opportunities to develop friendships, enjoy planned activities, learn more about our community, and offer ways to give back to that community.
Mission Implementation
The responsibility of the Estero Encore Club Board (EECB) is to support the sitting President and the other elected members of the Executive Board who all serve as members of the EECB. As part of that responsibility, the EECB  serves as ambassadors of the club. The EECB represents the total membership, and the EECB's function is to consider the suggestions of all members, by reaching a consensus when jointly making decisions based upon the Estero Encore Club’s mission statement and supporting the good of the entire organization.
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Thursday, February 9th
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Friday, February 10th
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Club Address
Estero Encore Club
PO Box 627
Estero FL 33929
Sister Club—Estero Newcomers
*If you are not an Estero Encore Club member, but are looking for women's social opportunities, please know that our membership is limited to those who have moved up from our sister organization—Estero Newcomers Club. To learn more about them, click: Estero Newcomers Club.