Dear Ladies....
The most common symptom…
  •  A lump in your breast or armpit—sometimes feels marble-like hard not usually mobile.
Others include…
  • Skin changes, pain, burns, itches, a nipple that pulls inward, and unusual discharge from the nipple—can be clear, bloody or another color.
  • Breast changes such as a difference in size, contour, texture, or temperature of your breast.
  • Women - Ages 40 to 44  
    • Should have a choice to start Annual Screening Mammograms
  • Women - Ages 45 to 54
    • Should have Annual Mammograms
  • Women - 55 and Older
    • Screenings should continue as a woman continues to be in good health.
All women should be familiar with the benefits and limitations of
Breast Cancer Screening.
Women should be familiar with their breasts, what they normally look and feel like! Monthly self-breast exams should be done. Report any breast changes to your health care provider ASAP!! Some women—because of Family History or a genetic tendency or other factors—should screen with MRIs along with Mammograms and/or Ultrasounds.
So, Ladies!!! The BOTTOM LINE IS:
  • Monthly Self Breast Exams
  • Know your Breasts
  • Yearly Mammograms as recommended by your Health Care Provider!

Many thanks to the talented James Matiya for providing our banner photos!
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