Welcome to July, the month of red, white and blue, vacations, fireworks, and Florida heat and humidity. Encore has a full range of activities to keep us all busy this month.
Our July luncheon will be held at the Vasari Country Club on July 21. The speaker for the luncheon is a representative from the Bonita Springs Center for the Arts who will share the many activities and events available for us to enjoy.

Event Registration—Were you surprised to learn that event registration for July opened the morning of the June luncheon—not at midnight of that day as previously done? We are coordinating this out so that members who are not night owls or early birds will have an equal opportunity to register for online events.
Our events are very popular, but, venues and our homes have space limitations. I strongly encourage you to contact the activity coordinator to get on the wait list if an event is closed/Sold Out. Life happens and members sometimes need to cancel a registration which then opens up spots for those on the wait list. Wait lists also inform us of the potential need for additional opportunities.

Remember, the Help Desk is available at our luncheons for assistance with online registrations, etc.

There are two important messages in this newsletter:
I. Reformatting and Revision of Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation under the direction of Jayne Cohen, Parliamentarian.  
Please review the documents and we will vote on the changes at our July luncheon meeting. Click the link to view, Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation
II. The appointment of the nominating committee as they begin their work to fill the executive board positions and to develop a list of volunteers for positions appointed by the 2023 President.
Please consider helping with these important roles. So many members are generous with their time and talent, but the jobs are easier when there are many hands on deck.
At a recent Encore Board meeting we were discussing the role of the Encore Board and one member pointed out that we are ambassadors of the organization. That concept has struck a chord with us and we think that term clearly describes our role. We represent you, our members, and make decisions based upon our mission statement and the overall good of the membership.

At the bottom of our Newsletter you will find the Mission Implementation statement developed by the Board. It outlines the decision-making process we use to guide our work on your behalf. You may also find this on our homepage in the Estero Encore Club Mission and Implementation Feature Box.

Many thanks to the talented James Matiya for providing our banner photos!
Estero Encore Club Mission and Implementation
The Estero Encore Club was established in 2010 for women who have completed 4 years as members of the Estero Newcomers Club. Our mission is to continue to provide opportunities to develop friendships, enjoy planned activities, learn more about our community, and offer ways to give back to that community.
Mission Implementation
The responsibility of the Estero Encore Club Board (EECB) is to support the sitting President and the other elected members of the Executive Board who all serve as members of the EECB. As part of that responsibility, the EECB  serves as ambassadors of the club. The EECB represents the total membership, and the EECB's function is to consider the suggestions of all members, by reaching a consensus when jointly making decisions based upon the Estero Encore Club’s mission statement and supporting the good of the entire organization.
Call for 2023 EEC Volunteers
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Board Meeting
Thursday, July 7th
10am to 12pm
Newcomers Newsletter Deadline
Sunday, July 10th
Paradise Readers
Monday, July 11th
1pm to 3pm
Bridge—Experienced Players
Tuesday, July 12th
1pm to 4pm
MAH JONGG—Experienced
Wednesday, July 13th
1pm to 4pm
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Club Address
Estero Encore Club
PO Box 627
Estero FL 33929
Sister Club—Estero Newcomers
*If you are not an Estero Encore Club member, but are looking for women's social opportunities, please know that our membership is limited to those who have moved up from our sister organization—Estero Newcomers Club. To learn more about them, click: Estero Newcomers Club.