Hello, friends and welcome to Encore in October. This month always signals the beginning of Fall and visions of pumpkinsfake ones in Florida, or you have moldy mush within days—Halloween, fall décor, corn mazes, apple season, and hopefully cooler weather.
October is also the perfect time to seriously consider volunteering for important positions in Encore for 2023. Research has shown that while over 90% of us want to volunteer, only 1 out of 4 Americans actually do. Research also shows that volunteers report elevated mood and less depression, it makes them happy; and they feel useful. Then why do so few volunteer?  
There are three top reasons folks don’t volunteer:
  1. I don’t have enough time! In Encore many of our volunteer positions, such as Event Coordinator, are a two-person job, so if you are traveling or under the weather, your partner can take up the slack, and you can divide up the responsibilities.
  2. I don’t have enough information. Ask members who currently have the job how much time it takes, how they carry out the responsibilities, etc. Honestly, just ask and many of us will tell you. You can also find job responsibilities on the website.
  3. No one asked me to! When filling these positions, we do ask, but we may not be asking the right people, and there are folks out there who would do the jobs if asked. Please, please just throw your name in the ring, even if you are just mildly interested!  
~Information from the Stanford Center on Longevity
October Luncheon
Our October luncheon will be held on October 20 at the Forest Country Club and is limited to 100 attendees. Get your payment in early! Steve Sarkozy, Estero Village Manager and husband of our member, Carol Sarkozy, will be our speaker updating us on current and future Village activities. We will also have the election of officers for 2023 at this meeting.

Fashion Show and Raffle
November will be our Fashion Show and Raffle for our scholarship fund. Please consider creating a gift basket or donating restaurant cards. See more information about these items in the newsletter.

Annual Holiday Party
There is information on our Annual Holiday Party in the newsletter also. Don’t miss the announcement. Be advised: There will only be tables of 8, so there is a good chance you may sit with new friends!

See you at the luncheon and some of the activities in October.
Enjoy everything pumpkin, too. I know I will!

Many thanks to the talented James Matiya for providing our banner photos!
Estero Encore Club Mission and Implementation
The Estero Encore Club was established in 2010 for women who have completed 4 years as members of the Estero Newcomers Club. Our mission is to continue to provide opportunities to develop friendships, enjoy planned activities, learn more about our community, and offer ways to give back to that community.
Mission Implementation
The responsibility of the Estero Encore Club Board (EECB) is to support the sitting President and the other elected members of the Executive Board who all serve as members of the EECB. As part of that responsibility, the EECB  serves as ambassadors of the club. The EECB represents the total membership, and the EECB's function is to consider the suggestions of all members, by reaching a consensus when jointly making decisions based upon the Estero Encore Club’s mission statement and supporting the good of the entire organization.
2023 Officer Nominees
2023 Officer Nominees
The Estero Encore Club 2023 Officer Nominees are:
Linda Serro, President
Mary Jo MacLaughlin, Vice President
Rosemary Planz, Secretary
Anita Tennial, Treasurer
Voting will take place at the October Luncheon.
To read more about our Officer Nominees, Click, 2023 Officer Nominees
Call for 2023 EEC Volunteers
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Survey Results!
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Happening Next
Yarn and Chat
Monday, October 3rd
1pm to 3pm
Bridge—Experienced Players
Tuesday, October 4th
1pm to 4pm
MAH JONGG—Experienced
Wednesday, October 5th
1pm to 4pm
Board Meeting
Thursday, October 6th
10am to 12pm
Newcomers Newsletter Deadline
Monday, October 10th
Save the Date
Road to Ringling
Oct 25th
Herman' Hermits @ Barbara B. Mann + Optional Dinner
Oct 27th
See complete information by clicking below
Book Talk
Nov 9th, 1:00 p.m. at Belle Lago Clubhouse
Technology Support at Your Fingertips!
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Club Address
Estero Encore Club
PO Box 627
Estero FL 33929
Sister Club—Estero Newcomers
*If you are not an Estero Encore Club member, but are looking for women's social opportunities, please know that our membership is limited to those who have moved up from our sister organization—Estero Newcomers Club. To learn more about them, click: Estero Newcomers Club.